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Reverse Engineering for STEM Education

*Note:  My thoughts today... May change tomorrow... Let me know what you think... I'm inspired by the notion of reverse engineering...  If we imagine a future that engages all students in STEM learning which ultimately results in students making informed decisions about their own future... I imagine a STEM workforce that is diverse! If this… Continue reading Reverse Engineering for STEM Education

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Challenges with STEM Planning in Education

*My thinking today... may change tomorrow... what do you think? Planning for STEM programs in K-12 Education is not as simple as it might seem.  K-12 Education systems are complex... with many subsystems... each with their own complexities.  In order to create sustainable change in complex systems, it requires shifts at variety of leverage points… Continue reading Challenges with STEM Planning in Education

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Creating a STEM Learning Experience

When designing a STEM learning experience, I think it is important to think about the following key questions to help shape the design of the program.  My thinking for now... may change tomorrow... Enjoy! How will I ensure that the STEM learning experience I create are designed for all students and will provide opportunity for… Continue reading Creating a STEM Learning Experience

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The “STEM Teaching” Learning Journey…

When I entered into the teaching profession, I focused on the things that I thought teaching was about - preparing lessons and evaluations based on educational policy.  I was excited to share my knowledge, skills and passion for physics/math/science and wanted to do it "right"!  But "preparing" to teach is more than just the policies… Continue reading The “STEM Teaching” Learning Journey…

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This is Where I Start…

I have always struggled with writing my ideas on paper.  I enjoy experimenting... grappling with thought experiments... observing the world around me... creating flowcharts to describe sequential planning and organizing information in elaborate spreadsheets... Creating opportunities to take mitigated risks in exploring how we might improve the learning experience for students... and ULTIMATELY... to execute… Continue reading This is Where I Start…