If I were…

If I were back in a school… I might consider running an Introductory STEM course!  Description would be…

Introduction to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics):  Exploring Innovation and Society

Students will learn to use a variety of problem-solving tools including Innovation Design, Design Thinking, Computational Thinking and Engineering Design to identify, research and solve problems.  They will leverage technology as a tool to develop ideas and communicate their designs to broad audiences using a variety of media forms.  Students will engage in understanding technological stewardship and the importance of understanding how technology impacts and is impacted by society to better design innovations of the future.  Students will study the historical use of technology and the evolution of STEM understanding to situate their own inquiries.  The development of transferable skills through hands-on and practical experiences will be a focus for this course.

This STEM course will support students to develop their own inquiries into a problem-based/project-based exploration situated in modern contexts.  Students will be challenged to develop an Innovation Passion Project where they will apply their knowledge across Science, Math and Humanities curriculum and the skills developed in this course to research, design, test and share their learning.  Students will create an Innovation Portfolio to document their learning journey.

Would you take this course?!

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